‘Creatures of Dawnia’ is a fantasy adventure series by Sam Savelli.

It follows the adventures of a cast of animals and others creatures living in the world of Dawnia City and beyond! The stories focus on different characters from the main cast in a wide range of different situations, including terrifying villains, rivalries and everyday problems. Each of the regular books contain around three to five short stories.



I first came up with ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ at the age of 12 years old, after drawing a set of animal characters from a drawing book. After putting all the characters together in a story called ‘Baby Rescue’, along with my two younger sisters, I then went on to develop the characters and create ideas for more stories in the series. Over the next seven years, I wrote and created a great number of ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ stories.

In 2016 I wrote my one hundredth ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ story and finally decided that it was about time that I did something with these stories. Having written so much, for no one other than myself and my sisters, I wanted to publish the stories to a larger audience.

This has prompted much more hard work and dedication to rewrite and fine-tune the stories that I’ve written over the years in order to publish them. With plans reaching as far as two hundred ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ stories, I expect this hard work to be ongoing for a long time to come…



I am a children’s writer who has long aspired to write. CREATURES OF DAWNIA is the first series that I have released, but I am constantly working on various projects. This series is my way of expressing the stories and creativity of my childhood, that have helped me to build the skills and determination needed to become a successful writer.