The gang sat round in a circle on a set of wooden chairs not far from Dack and Fuzz’s cave. They were all surrounding a big pile of wood that was soon to become a bonfire.

“Brilliant!” said Bert. “I’ve been meaning to burn this stuff for a long time.”

Maddie peered closely at the pile. “Why, what is it all? Hey, some of this stuff is mine!”

“Now, now Maddie, never mind, there isn’t anything important,” Carla said. Then she stopped. “Hey! Are those my slippers?”

“Anyway, rather than sitting here staring at a pile of wood, let’s light the bonfire,” Dack suggested.

Louis turned to the dwarfs. “Snuffy, go ahead and light it.”

Dougle squealed. “Snuffy can’t do it! I’m next to him, and I don’t want to set on fire when it goes wrong.”

Snuffy rolled his eyes. “Well hurry and up and move then.”

“Ok. I’ll go next to Dack; there’s a space there.”

A tiny voice called up from the space. “Look again! This isn’t a space; I’m sitting here!” It was Fuzz.

“Can we please get on with it?” Louis said.

“Yes,” agreed Dack. “Or the refreshments will overcook.”

“Yeah, come on Snuffy,” said Bert.

Snuffy stood on his chair and held the match an arm’s length away.

“What are you doing?” asked Dula.

Snuffy shrugged. “Just taking a safety precaution.” He scraped the match, threw it across into the wood and jumped backwards onto a specially prepared crash mat.

Everyone looked eagerly at the pile of wood. “It didn’t light,” Barrow said.

They all groaned. Snuffy sat up on the crash mat. “What?”

Barrow told him. “The match didn’t light.”

“Oh, whoops.” And he climbed back onto the chair and did the same again. There was still no fire.

Carla sighed. “It didn’t light again.”

Louis marched over to Snuffy. “Give them to me.” He took the box of matches off Snuffy and instantly lit one. He threw the match and the pile of wood, and the bonfire was finally lit.

Dougle’s eyes widened with terror. He suddenly screamed. “Aaaaaaaah! I’m scared of fire!”

Dula put her head in her hands. “What did you think was going to happen? You do know what a bonfire is!”

Dougle sniffed. “I don’t know. I’ll go inside.” And he went into the cave.

Maddie suddenly noticed Carla putting on a pair of slippers. “How did you manage to save your slippers!?”

Carla grinned. “I didn’t. This is a new pair. I just knitted them now, from my own wool.”

Then, they were all silent for a while as they stared at the bonfire.

Fuzz soon spoke. “Well, this is nice.”

They were silent for a moment longer. Eventually, Dack clapped his wings together. “Right, come on inside now and I’ve prepared a little meal for us all.”

“I’ve made the tea,” added Barrow.

So they all bustled into the cave. Except for Maddie, who quietly held back. She looked at the fire with a sneer. “It’s not very big,” she muttered. Then she noticed all the empty chairs around the fire. One by one she threw the chairs into the fire, leaving just one of them out of the fire. Then, she went inside with the others.


A little while later, they all came outside again having finished the meal.

Bert rubbed his stomach. “That was delicious; great job Dack.”

Dougle agreed. “Yes it was nice.”

Dula frowned at him. “Dougle, you didn’t eat anything! You gave it all to Snuffy.”

“Yes, well the atmosphere was nice.”

Dack looked at the fire. “Wow! The fire’s really grown!”

Louis was puzzled. “Yes, quite a lot.”

Maddie grinned. “Yeah, it looks much better now. Shall we take a seat?” And she quickly sat down in the one remaining chair.

Everyone looked around for the other chairs in surprise, and eventually they all rested their eyes on Maddie, grinning to herself from her seat.

Maddie!” shouted Bert.



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