This Week: Witches and Vampires in Dawnia City!

The week ahead will see the release of a brand new ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ eBook. That means five brand new stories. It’s time to check back in with the Creatures of Dawnia City, and meet some new characters too! Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming stories:

The whole crew are off on a camping trip to Fange Forest where they meet a rabbit called Barrow, and a pair of witches who are cooking up a potion…

Wendy the witch is fed up of being treated like a little girl and uses a magic spell to demand respect from everyone in Dawnia City! Louis is the only one who can save the day…

Dack has a terrifying experience when a vampire turns up at his cave, thirsty for a drop of blood…

Porker and Caroline are back in Dawnia City, and Bert is keen to help look after baby Caroline…

A peaceful picnic is interrupted by the arrival of Spell the witch. But, an old enemy of Spell’s- a wizard called Wally- arrives on the scene to help out…

So, there’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had in the upcoming eBook. Be sure to come along and join in the adventure!

See you soon,


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